If you value your health, and if you value your life but happen to be a smoker then there are no two ways about it, you will have to do all you can to quit this addictive and unhealthy habit, or else there’s an incredibly strong chance that you will die before your time. It may sound shocking, but in these situations there is no time to sugar coat things and pretend things are going to be ok because unless you do something about it, things won’t be OK because you will die young. If you’re lucky, you may not die but instead suffer from one of the numerous other medical conditions associated with smoking. To make things even harder, smoking is also highly addictive which means that quitting is no easy feat. If you’re serious about quitting however, then it can be done, and to help you along, here are a few self-help tips to help you quit smoking for good.

Think positive thoughts – The mind is a powerful tool and the power of positive think should not be underestimated under any circumstances. When you wake up in a morning and immediately crave your early morning cigarette, remind yourself why you’re quitting and remind yourself how much better your health, your bank account, and your quality of life will be when you do reach your goal. Tell yourself that you will not fail or give in to temptation and remind yourself that quitting smoking is as simple as NOT putting a cigarette into your mouth and lighting the end.

Draw out a ‘quit smoking plan’ – Don’t just wake up one day and decide to try an quit smoking with no real plans or preparations in place because unless you’re incredibly strong-willed, you’ll fail before the end of the day. Take the time to draw out a plan, if you’re rationing cigarettes, mark down the number of cigarettes you’re allowing yourself and mark down a set time to smoke them on each day. Take social events and gatherings into consideration too.

Cut back on triggers you associate with smoking – This isn’t too pleasant in the short-term, but looking at the big picture, if it helps to save your life and improve your health, finances, and appearance, it may be worth struggling for a few weeks until you kick the habit. Studies have found that we associate certain triggers with smoking, alcohol consumption being a prime example. This means that whenever you drink alcohol, you would subconsciously think about cigarettes too, because you combined the two for so long. For this reason you may want to cut back on alcohol consumption for a short time as well. Unfortunately sex can also be a trigger for smoking so you may also want to consider that too, unless you really wish to test your willpower of course.