Nicotine patches are a popular and effective smoking cessation tool. Nicotine patches are typically sold in a 3 step program. Each step is designed to gradually lessen your nicotine intake until your dependence is significantly reduced. Once your nicotine dependence has been reduced, quitting your nicotine addiction becomes much easier. It’s important to note that each step is designed for different types of smokers—light, moderate and heavy. If you’re a light or moderate smoker you might only need to use steps 1 & 2 or perhaps just step 1 alone. Make sure you select the correct step for your nicotine intake.

Habitrol and Nicoderm CQ are two manufacturers of nicotine patches that have very high reviews.

We have staff members who have personally used nicotine patches to quit smoking successfully. If you’ve having trouble quitting smoking nicotine patches can be a great ally in your fight to quit.

nicotine patch- habitrol p1                     nicotine patch- nicoderm p1

Habitrol Step 1                                                            Nicoderm CQ Step 1

nicotine patch- habitrol p2                     nicotine patch- nicoderm p2

Habitrol Step 2                                                            Nicoderm CQ Step 2

nicotine patch- habitrol p3                     nicotine patch- nicoderm p3
Habitrol Step 3                                                            Nicoderm CQ Step 3