Nicotine gum is a great smoking cessation tool that has been around for years. Nicotine gum is sold in two dosages—2mg and 4mg. Each gum manufacturer has guidelines for selecting the correct nicotine gum dosage in addition to planning how many pieces of gum you should be chewing each day. The long term goal with nicotine gum is to wean off nicotine by chewing less gum every couple of weeks. Eventually you’ll find your cravings for nicotine have diminished greatly and quitting becomes much easier.

Habitrol and Nicorette are two popular brands of nicotine gum. Studies have shown slight variations between the two products however they both remain effective smoking cessation tools.


nicotine gum- habitrol                      nicotine gum- nicorette

Several members of our staff have used nicotine gum to successfully quit smoking so we do recommend it as a smoking cessation tool. If you’re having trouble with quitting smoking or find it too overwhelming, nicotine gum is definitely worth trying.