When people think of quitting smoking, they think of people becoming irritable and agitated. They picture people sweating and shaking, going through all of the well known stages of withdrawal, and they picture them feeling pretty darn miserable in the process. Cigarettes are incredibly addictive which is why so many people struggle to quit, and which is why so many people actually fail to quit. Smoking is an awful habit that drains your finances, harms others around you, makes you feel ill, makes you look unattractive, old before your time, and generally unhealthy. Anything else? Oh yes, there’s also the matter that smoking is one of the biggest killers in the entire world, contributing towards numerous cancers, lung disease, heart disease, strokes, and much more on top of that. If you’re fed up of being unhealthy, of smelling awful, and wish to prolong your life for as long as possible, here are four foods you can eat that have been proven to assist with quitting smoking.

Ground oats – Not to be confused with oatmeal, ground oats have been found to greatly assist with cutting back and quitting smoking as they contain ingredients that help to decrease the effects associated with nicotine cravings and withdrawal. Ground oats contain b vitamins, minerals including iron, and fiber. Experts believe it is the fiber that the oats contain that help to lessen the effects of nicotine cravings. For best results, either start your day with a bowl of ground oats, or add two tablespoons of the oats to boiling water, mix well, leave to sit, and then drink a small portion of this mixture after each meal you consume.

Oranges – Fresh oranges are extremely healthy anyways, because they’re rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, which helps to improve the immune system. Oranges, and other citrus fruits, have all been found to greatly improve a person’s ability to quit smoking, and one thing that all citrus fruits have in common is that they’re all rich in the antioxidant ascorbic acid, which is more commonly known as vitamin C. Either consumed whole, or drank in fresh juice form, not from a carton, oranges can greatly help reduce cravings for cigarettes.

High Alkaline foods – High alkaline foods include spinach, brown rice, whole grains, quinoa, starchy vegetables, and pastas and they have all been found to assist with quitting smoking. The reason for this is that the high alkaline content of the foods help to keep nicotine circulating around within the body, for prolonged periods of time. As the nicotine is so addictive, the longer it remains in your body, the more the cravings will be kept at bay, meaning you won’t need to consume any more in the form of cigarette smoke.

Tomatoes – The scent of fresh tomatoes has actually been found to help reduce the appeal of tobacco products such as cigarettes. The reason for this is that tobacco plants and tomato plants actually belong to the same family and so contain similar properties. Cooked tomatoes are also high in Lycopene, which has been proven to reduce numerous cravings, not just those for nicotine. Lycopene also greatly helps to protect against and protect against numerous cancers, including lung cancer, which is common with smokers.