Our health is often something that many of us take for granted, especially when we’re younger. We think we can eat, drink, and do whatever we want and because we’re young we’ll be perfectly fine. As the years creep by however, poor lifestyle and dietary choices begin to catch up with us and make their presence known, causing us a whole variety of unpleasant side effects as a result. We find ourselves gaining weight, looking old before our time, suffering from a weakened immune system, struggling due to a lack of energy, and generally being at a much greater risk of contracting numerous illnesses or diseases, which could potentially be life threatening. Unhealthy foods, drinks, and products such as cigarettes are packed full of harmful toxins which have the potential to attack our cells from the inside and cause us a great deal of problems, including diseases such as cancer. As well as these sources, we’re also constantly exposed to toxins out in the real world as well. These could be from pollution, cigarette smoke, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemical based products and as a result, if they remain within our bodies, they have the potential to cause us a great deal of problems. The good news is that you can help rid your body of these harmful toxins by simply consuming certain foods and drinks, which have been proven to detox the body and the mind. Here are a few examples.

Artichokes – Artichokes are unbelievably healthy foods that have been found to increase the efficiency of the liver, which is a vital organ essential for the filtration and removal of harmful toxins. Artichokes help to increase the amount of bile that the liver is able to produce, and as bile is essential for breaking down foods in order to extract their nutrients, the more nutrients the body can extract, the healthier it will be.

Beets – Beets are jam-packed full of beta carotene, magnesium, zinc, iron, and vitamins d, b3, b6, and c. These in turn have been found to help the liver and the gall bladder to break down and destroy harmful toxins. Beets also contain dietary fiber sources, which assist in food digestion and excretion. This means that once food has been digested, any harmful toxins or ingredients that the body doesn’t need are quickly excreted before they get the chance to do any lasting damage.

Lemons – These citrus fruits are fantastic for detoxing the body because they’re rich in vitamin C and help to stimulate the release of natural enzymes in the body during the digestion process of food. They purify the blood, improve liver function, and the vitamin C helps to convert any remaining harmful toxins into water soluble form so that they dissolve in natural water and are then eliminated from the body in our urine.

Broccoli and broccoli sprouts – Both Broccoli and Broccoli sprouts have been found to be extremely healthy foods for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons is that they are both packed full of essential phytochemicals that speed up the detoxification process within the body. Detoxification enzymes found naturally within the digestive tract become stimulated and as such, work far more efficiently and are able to get rid of harmful toxins at a much higher rate. Broccoli and broccoli sprouts are also packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which the body absolutely thrives upon.

Water – The human body is made up of close to 80% water so that should tell you just how beneficial it is for us. Water helps improve organ function, it keeps us hydrated, and it helps to flush harmful toxins out of our systems, which leave our bodies in the form of urine and sweat. Aim to drink at least 2.5 litres per day, preferably in fresh mineral form, but failing that, filtered will also suffice.