Smoking is an incredibly addictive habit that is also extremely dangerous, expensive, and unattractive as well. Cigarettes are packed full of harmful chemicals and toxins that damage your health in a whole variety of different ways. They cause cancer, they cause strokes, they cause heart attacks, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, trouble breathing, and even depression and anxiety. On top of all that, they smell awful and they’re also expensive, which means that people every single day are handing over their hard-earned money just to damage their health and harm their appearance. The reason for this is that they’re laced full of addictive chemicals such as nicotine, which make it extremely difficult to quit. If you’re making a conscious effort to quit but are struggling with the withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings, here are 3 things you could do to help take your mind off of smoking.

Chew some gum – Numerous studies have found that chewing gum can drastically help to reduce nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking as so try to keep a pack of gum with you at all times, and at times when you would normally reach for a cigarette, simply reach for a piece of gum instead and chew away. There is even specially designed gum created to help people to quit smoking. This gum contains small traces of nicotine to help reduce the withdrawal symptoms and cravings, whilst also helping to take your mind off of the cigarettes themselves.

Exercise – Many people struggle with cravings for cigarettes late in the evening, when they’re back from work or school and have little to do. If you’re sat around doing very little, the cravings will often really kick in because ordinarily this would be the time when you would light up a cigarette. In an evening or whenever you have any free time, why not do some exercise instead? You could head to your local gym or running track, go for a walk, go jogging, cycling, swimming, or even play some games with friends or family members. Exercise not only keeps you and your mind busy, so that you’re not thinking about smoking, but it also contributes towards the release of endorphins, which make you feel happy and confident and have been proven to help reduce the symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Keep yourself busy – The most effective method of coping with nicotine withdrawal and taking your mind off of smoking is to keep yourself and your mind busy. You can do this in a number of ways. Perhaps you could take up a new hobby? You could read a book or watch a movie maybe? You could even cook a meal or tidy the home perhaps? If things get really bad why not phone a friend or family member and have a long chat? You could explain the situation to them if you’d like, or just simply chat about life in general. If you and your mind are kept busy, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms will be greatly reduced.